DVD REVIEW: Monty Python- Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut)

Monty Python- Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut)
(Vivendi Entertainment)

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From selling dead parrots and the Ministry of Silly Walks to The Life of Brian and Spamalot, the six members of Monty Python have influenced generations of comedians and changed the way we see Oxford and Cambridge. The new DVD set, Monty Python- Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut) goes behind the scenes to show us how it all came about and all the dirty, little secrets. Any good documentary worth it’s weight will teach you something about why you’re here on the planet and the Python’s do it in style as they tell the story from childhood television programs to why things aren’t as funny when you get older.

The material doesn’t focus too much on the comedy itself, but instead it takes a close look at the group’s interpersonal relationships and their development over the years with guests ranging from Dan Aykroyd to Russell Brand voicing opinions about how influential the group was socially and comedically. The real highlights are the interviews with the group themselves such as John Cleese talking about how he wanted to be a lawyer, Michael Palin discussing Graham Chapman’s sexuality and alcoholism, and Eric Idle being his off-color self.

The DVD set is broken down into 3 disks which include the 6 episodes of the documentary (which are extended from the television airing and include outtakes), a collection of sketches from the Python’s greatest hits, and a picture gallery courtesy of Terry Gilliam and at a little over 7½ hours it’s enough Python to last you a good thought provoking, comical week.

Tim Needles

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