I WAS THERE . . . Abakua` Afro-Latin Dance Company @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 11/6/09


You know those performances or events that you were not fully aware of until you hear about it through a friend, or read about it through a write up or review? You know the ones you wish you would have seen. The ones you count the days until their next performance or return? Well this my friends would definitely be that event. The Abakua` Afro-Latin Dance Company gave a brilliant performance entitled “The Life & Death of Suzy Q” at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Friday November 6th, 2009. The piece was a true celebration of life and the gift of movement. The dance group, having been formed by the renowned and talented Frankie Martinez, put on a show that you wish you would have been part of. It was fun and flirtatious entertainment from start to finish. The Abakua` Dance Company is a secret that must be shared. With dance styles that sizzle from Latin and Urban, to the grace of ballet and jazz, wrapped in a signature style they call “Afro-Latin Funk.” This group is a taste of life and a sight to be seen. Each piece of their performance was felt and enjoyed. The dancers carried such a presence of passion you couldn’t help but love it. In the highest recommendation it is a must see! An event that if you were not in attendance you undoubtedly missed out. The performance is captivating and truly delightful. I was more than glad to have experienced such a lovely and fun dance piece by such talented and passionate performers… So readers, next time you see or hear about a performance being put on by the Abukua` Dance Company, be sure to be in attendance, you will not be let down.

Clara Leyba

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