Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Organic Face Care line


With over 200 natural products on the market, Kiss My Face is a recognized name in the cruelty free cosmetic world, so it almost comes as a surprise to find that they are releasing a Potent & Pure Organic Face Care line. After trying a few products though, I can say they have truly improved an already solid brand. Boasting natural ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Ester C, Tapioca Root Starch, Organic Mint and more, this line stands out in the ever growing world of natural skin care.

The Clean for a Day creamy face cleanser ($15 for 4 oz.) is perhaps the best smelling wash I have ever had the pleasure of using, even when compared to other organic and natural lines. I have sensitive/combination skin and found the soap free formula left my skin clean, without over-drying (it derives its cleaning agents from sugar and corn). An “Insider Tip” indicates this product can also be used with a cotton ball as a make-up remover. While I found it a little too creamy for this, it still fulfilled its main purpose as a face wash quite well.

My favorite product in the line is the Pore Shrink Deep Pore Cleansing Mask ($15 for 2 oz.) — a refreshing mask made up of Clove, Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass. Gentle enough for everyday use on oily skin, yet effective enough for weekly use by those with combination to dry skin, like myself. Using the product once a week will also make the 2 oz. last, as the mask does not require very thick coverage to work.

Additional products in the line include a Jojoba & Mint Facial Scrub ($15 for 2 oz.), SPF 4 Brightening Day Crème ($23 for 1 oz.), Breakout Oil ($19 for 1 oz.), and an incredible hydrating Night Crème, which I enjoyed using once a week for nighttime repair. With ingredients ranging from 63-84% organic and products that deliver the results they promise, Kiss My Face has established a line that should create repeat users out of fans of cruelty-free cosmetics.

Elizabeth Sorrell

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