Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo and Conditioner


Pureology is historically lauded for its expert approach to hair care, specifically designed for use on colour-treated tresses. In continuation of that tradition, Pureology now introduces the Essential Repair System for hair in need of “intense repair, strength, and colour protection.” This new collection includes products infused with nourishing ingredients to develop sulfate-free formulas additionally comprised of Pureology’s signature color-retaining AntiFadeComplex.

Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo

To replenish hair’s strength and protect against environmental damage, Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo is concentrated with protein-rich soymilk and pure biotin in combination with olive oil and chamomile, which function to restore softness and shine. The scent is pleasantly sweet and not overpowering. An appropriate amount of lathering avoids the over-sudsy result that is common in other comparable products. Furthermore, its ZeroSulfate formula ensures that this product will not strip hair of essential properties that are otherwise lost to the harshness of sulfates and salts.

Pureology Essential Repair Hair Condition

The Essential Repair Hair Condition literally seals the deal in coating tresses with a soothing formula that renews moisture to rebuild damaged hair through the use of much of the same ingredients found in the shampoo counterpart. It also exhibits a sweet, natural scent due to the natural ingredients used to make up this softening and repairing solution. For those who enjoy carrying on a product’s scent beyond the shower and into the day, a delightful, subtle scent is sure to linger.

At this, the peak of pool and beach season, when hair is likely to endure immense damage, users will enjoy Pureology’s latest contribution to protection of colour-treated hair. Perhaps it will permit that color to last through the season-change and help those of us who love the present weather to hold on to the remnants of these carefree summer days?

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