I WAS THERE . . . Monica Rich Kosann @ Soho Mews, 12/1/09


I went to an interesting event at the Soho Mews building, where a townhouse, designed by Town & Country magazine to the nines, housed a blogger event for photographer and jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann, celebrating the launch of her own ezine The Fine Art of Family. The site combines Monica’s love of photography with her love of heirloom’s, highlighting people and their memories. This is also the idea behind the event at the Soho Mews, where Monica along with guests like Josie Natori (fashion designer) and Tony Goldwyn (of the major Hollywood film dynasty) talked about their own heirlooms. Funny enough, Josie and Tony both discussed their love of Buddha statues that impacted their lives. Monica, a pro photographer, has worked with celebs like J. Lo and has her work exhibited at museums and galleries around the world. The event saw us blogger’s even getting involved, writing about our own heirlooms on antique postcards. For the sake of secrecy, I will not reveal what I wrote, but will show the postcard I chose (A Friendly Baby Burro, pictured). Overall, the townhouse was stunning looking, making me a bit afraid to touch anything, though everyone involved including Monica and her husband Rod (also involved with the site) were super nice people, with the topic of their website The Fine Art of Family kind of a unique concept, exploring people from a personal perspective not discussed much.

To check out Monica Rich Kosann’s photography and jewelry designs, head over to The Fine Art of Family.

DaVe Lipp

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