Nico Vega @ Webster Hall Studio, 12/11/09

Before the Nico Vega show at Webster Hall Studio, I was told by a fellow fan that I’d be blown away. Afterwards, I realized that was an understatement. The band came out like a ball of fire and played many tracks from their self-titled, debut album.

“Burn Burn,” “Gravity” and “Million Years” were probably my least favorite songs off of the album until I heard them live. Lead singer Aja brought these songs to life with enormously aggressive empowerment, and the explosive dynamic among all three band members was present the entire show.

Lullaby “Iron Man” put the audience in a temporary trance, while closing song “Beast” was better than expected. Personal highlights were within “Rabbit in the Bag” and “Living Underground,” two beautifully written songs that are arguably the best on the new album.

In addition, three songs were played that must be either new or unrecorded, but I hope all of them make the band’s sophomore album. “Protest Song,” “Taxi Cab,” and “Fe Fi Fo Fum” were mesmerizing and heavy-hitting songs that you felt in your gut long after their conclusion, while Volkman disproved any doubts of her vocal ability within these tracks, stretching her voice from a whisper to a howl with little effort.

At moments, Aja seemed to invoke greats like Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, while the entire band had unconstrained energy, akin to acts like The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age. However, what’s so appealing about Nico Vega is their authenticity. They are both carnal and spiritual, and when they play, you feel it in your soul and loins, which is a brilliant feat in today’s music industry.

As noted on their MySpace page, “You are a part of our family and we will always make music to communicate our love and gratitude for you. If you come to our show, throw your hands up so we can feel you… you will feel us.”

Also be sure to check out opening bands Neon Trees and Inward Eye.

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