Philosophy Advanced Makeup Optional Skin Skincare System

With such a wide variety of face-cleaning agents made available by the beauty industry today, it can be quite challenging to determine the exact skin care regimen necessary to achieve a clear complexion. Enter: Philosophy’s Advanced Makeup Optional Skin skincare system skincare system for “radiant, healthy, ageless skin.” In other words, Philosophy has kindly put together a one-stop-shop for great, healthy skin. And, if much like this reviewer you are skeptical of self-promotion, those clever philosophers, or whatever they call themselves, put their product to the test. Results of an independent clinical study prove this kit is a perfect solution (or rather, solutions) for navigating the maze that has become the skincare industry.

Included in the “system,” which is by the way valued at $166 but reduced to a price of $98, are five key products, all to be used in a specified order and timing to ensure ideal results: Purity one-step facial cleanser; The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash; Hope in a Jar moisturizer; When Hope is Not Enough facial firming and lifting serum; and Help Me, a retinol night treatment.

The exact order of products and timing of use is at first overwhelming, it should not take long to get into the rhythm of application on a nightly and daily basis. “Purity” is particularly effective for removing day-old foundation, while the “Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash” is indeed comprised of grainy exfoliators that give the skin a feeling of gentle, yet deep, cleansing. “Hope in a Jar” is thick but not greasy, and a little goes a long way. The title of the serum, “When Hope is Not Enough,” is apt, as the scent is entirely unpleasant and the texture is sticky, thereby truly living up to its “whatever it takes” sentiment. Finally, “Help Me,” perhaps the final plea for cosmetic enlightenment, is actually a very pleasant finale, aimed at eliminating fine lines, discoloration and large pores.

To be noted is the fact that the system includes instructions to purchase additional, unenclosed products for optional enhancement, such as a Microdelivery Peel and Eye Hope, an anti-aging eye cream. There is no clarification that use of these “optional” products be necessary to achieve clear skin, so this reviewer has chosen to go with the old fashioned definition of “optional,” that is, not necessary.

Overall this system simplifies any skincare conundrums and offers a manageable variety of high-quality products. For those who think that the skincare industry is complicated, the makeup industry is even worse. Instead, how about preparing your skin so that makeup is merely an option? The answer should be clear.

Jessica Stein

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