The Daily Shortlist December 16


Location: Union Square, NYC
Talk: Beard on Books: David Chang
Show time: 12 PM
Venue: James Beard House
Food: Chat ‘N’ Chew
Drink: Pete’s Tavern
Miscellaneous: Whole Foods

At Beard on Books, Chef David Chang stops by the James Beard House to discuss the Korean influenced recipes in his new book Momofuku coming from the absolutely delicious restaurants of the same name. For food with southern flair in Union Square, Chat ‘N’ Chew makes some kickass fried chicken, pork-chops, and meatloaf. In the running for oldest bar in NYC, Pete’s Tavern has been around since 1864 and was made famous by author O. Henry who wrote “Gift of the Magi,” in one of its booths. One good thing about the Union Square location of Whole Foods is that it’s not only a reprieve from this tourist heavy area, but with it’s huge windows, you can sit, get healthy organic food and drink, and watch the insanity like it’s a movie.

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