Rock writer extraordinaire Ralph Greco and rock band Age of Evil

Talk about potential for in-fighting, the blisteringly hard rocking band Age Of Evil comprise two sets of brothers; Jacob Goldberg bassist and his singing, rhythm guitarist bro Jeremy and Jordan Ziff on lead guitar playing loud and fast (with taste though) out front of his drumming brother Garrett. On the band’s new 6 song Get Dead ‘EP’ the guys show off this interesting mix on such songs like the groovin’ title track (my fave here with a very Buck Dharma lead by Jordan), the kick-off tune “Cruel Intentions” a stand-out for ol Jeremy’s rhythm guitar and voice (though Jeremy really is not that old at all…no one in AOE is over 20!), low cool covers of Skid Row’s “Slave To The Grind” and Judas Priest’s “Electric Eye,” ending with live versions of the band’s menacing “Eye For An Eye”-and a Metallica-sounding “Glimpse Of Light” with Garrett really going to town..

This four piece, hailing from Arizona, made their first record and sent it out (all on their own, no record company backing) and secured a slot on a German rock festival, plus a record company ‘over there’. Having toured Europe pretty extensively, the boys are back here in the states pushing their EP and doing press with the likes of little ol’ me.

So tell me why an EP now and not your second full-length album?

Jeremy: We were in Europe all summer and we wanted to record something so we recorded this EP in between tour dates to show our fans-and everyone else-where we had come from, what we sound like now and where we’re going.

So no idea on a new album, a full length?

Jordan: Maybe in a year, year and half, we’re trying to find the right producer…
Jeremy: …working out the technicalities. We’re writing all the time though.

So the future right now is on…

Jordan: …finding a tour to do, support a band, getting on some festivals for the summer. Just to sort it all out.

Being signed only in Germany, playing in Europe as much as you have, are you now concentrating on the states?

Jeremy: Yes, the U.S. is more foreign to us then Europe; we are trying to explore the U.S.

It’s obvious that you guys are influenced by Priest and Skid Row, bands like that, but how far back do you guys go as far as influences go?

Jordan: Santana, definitely Santana. Obviously Randy Rhodes, Zack Wilde.
Jeremy: Mustaine, James Hetfield…downpicking is so important (we all chuckle). I mean it’s not everything obviously, but alot of our influences are not metal though. Bands that I like are like Boston; a new band that I like is Muse.

J&J: And we love the Beatles.

I get the feeling from what I have heard of the live tracks on the EP and from what your saying, that playing live holds a lot of allure for this band.

Jordan: We are a live band, we love playing live. It’s all about for us the energy, the attitude, the rawness of it. We feel at this point that we are a really good live band… that doesn’t mean we can’t get a whole lot better though.

So the overall plan is to build things here, play live, do your thing, maybe another record in a year?

Jeremy: In essence we are all about how the attitude and emotion comes across. What we don’t want is to start at the bottom and have a really quick rise to the top, we want to pay our dues, build the fan base.
Jordan: We’re not impatient…I can be as impatient as I want but it’s not gonna make the band get any further along.

Ralph Greco Jr.

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