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You have to love the “As Seen on TV” commercials with their pitchmen selling some ridiculous (UroClub anyone?) to smart products that you can use around the house. Watching these commercials is a guilty pleasure that you laugh at or laugh with. Now that it’s 2010, let’s take a brief look at some of the new “As Seen on TV” commercials and products that are being sold in the new decade and see what they do.

Anyone want a slimmer neckline? Saw a commercial for the Neckline Slimmer ($19.98) which you can use to “Tone, tighten, and lift saggy underlying neck muscles.” Can’t say if this product works or not but whoever thought of this exercise had a lot of free time. Nevertheless, the results in the picture to the left look like they work.

Another commercial I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is for the Twin Draft Guard ($9.98) which surprisingly is something I can’t believe hasn’t been invented sooner. It’s a piece of fabric with insulation in its two sides that fits under your door and prevents heat and air-conditioning from escaping, saving you money. This is actually something I think people can use, having been guilty of shoving a towel under the door from time to time during the winter.

Lastly, who can talk about “As Seen on TV” products and not mention the Snuggie? This phenomenon is still taking over America as they now have a Snuggie for dogs. I saw the new Snuggie commercial and everyone was raising the roof! Watching TV. On a camping trip. Crazy, but that’s the power of television.

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DaVe Lipp

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