Darac Expedition Mascara: No Lash Left Behind


When Darac isn’t busy beautifying the faces of celebrities awaiting the bright flashbulbs of the Tonys, Emmys, Academy Awards or other paparazzi-inducing events, Darac is designing new makeup products for his own line, Darac Beauty. Darac designs to meet the needs of – according to his website – the “chic universal timeless woman.” His products reinvent those already in existence so as to enable each of his consumers to experience a more polished look. With the inspiration of modern trends and the harness of classic timelessness, Darac believes that “trend is the garnish, not the main course.”

Enter Darac’s Expedition Mascara: No Lash Left Behind, a small hat tip to the successful catchphrase attributed to a controversial legislative measure brought into being by the Bush administration. That being said, the controversy stops right there.

Expedition Mascara comes with a round bristled brush and is accompanied by a special “Pro Detail Brush” to reach smaller, harder-to-reach lashes to ensure even coverage and enable lashes to achieve their greatest potential. The vitamin and protein-rich formula is standard consistency, not too sticky, and application is relatively smooth. Judging from his other products and the details mentioned on his website, It is clear that Darac pays close attention to the qualities that mascara users seek in a decent product, so it is with regret that I must also inform long-time wearers that while there are no flakes and lashes do not dry out, there is a risk of smudging by the end of the day. For evening wear, however, this brush might very well be the last thing you want to leave behind.

Jessica Stein

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