NVEY Eco Organic Eye Shadow


Australian cosmetics line NVEY Eco Makeup claims it is the “leader in luxury organic makeup” and in this green culture seemingly hierarchy is already being established. We decided to try the Rolls Royce of organic makeup with some of its eye makeup products. The wonderful thing about organic makeup is that it strives not just to adorn but to nourish and protect the face from the environment. We started with the Organic Eye Shadow ($24, 0.5 oz), which consists of chamomile, vitamins A, C and E, and is talc free. The application was even and soft with all day color. The corn silk and jojoba oil helped highlight the hues and provided a velveteen application experience. After that, we tried the organic mascara with vitamin B5, nettle, and horsetail herb. The application, like the eye shadow, was smooth while extending the lashes to greater length. The mascara did not clump, feel heavy, or irritate the eyes. Other than the formulation process, as a consumer of makeup, I have yet to see the difference in organic versus synthetic makeup. The price point is higher on the organic side of makeup, but more or less it provides the same function as synthetic blends. On the other hand, organic skincare is a completely different discussion that exhibits major differences from organic to non-organic. As for makeup, it just seems to be a matter of preference, not performance.


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