The Daily Shortlist January 11


Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn
Talk: David Byrne: Creation in Reverse
Show time: 8 PM
Venue: Bell House
Food: El Viejo Yayo
Drink: Buttermilk Bar
Miscellaneous: The Chocolate Room

David Byrne’s solo career is just as popular as his time with the Talking Heads, but he’s also a visual artist, filmmaker, bicycle advocate, and much more. Here he talks about the ways venue and context shape artistic creation. Followed by a Q&A. Keeping the night going, try El Viejo Yayo for dinner. This gorgeous and warm restaurant has an elegant dining room and an affordable menu offering Dominican/Latin cuisine. The outside of Buttermilk Bar may look non-descript, but looks are deceiving . . . just not in this case, as this low-key watering hole is where you can grab a cheap drink in a friendly atmosphere, while playing a board game or two. With a near insane menu of chocolates from coffee and tea to delectable dessert, and even beer, The The Chocolate Room is a great way to end the night on a high note.

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