DVD REVIEW: Arj Barker ‘s LYAO

Arj Barker
(Warner Brothers)

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CYBO might be a more appropriate title for Arj Barker’s new stand-up comedy DVD LYAO because while the comedian most known for his role as Dave on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords does succeed at delivering an engaging and entertaining hour of comedy, the chuckles still outweighed the laughs. Regardless, it still is an impressive showing. The comic gets a hefty thumbs up and 27.4 gold stars for his special brand of observational material that plays with language in the age of the internet as well as his great character work which helps set himself apart from the mass of comics out there today.

Arj manages to bring a fresh perspective that keeps the audience attentively involved throughout his set, which ranges from everyday topics like sleep and money to jokes about Pluto’s planetary status and ethnic bias (and being half-Indian and half-European, I’m sure he knows a thing or two about it). As a comedian, Arj is like a love child of Demitri Martin and Jerry Seinfeld and stylistically he’s reminiscent of a laid-back motivational speaker that doesn’t suck, so the show is definitely worth checking out.

The DVD also comes with an audio version of the show and a couple of bonus features including a pretty awesome music video entitled “Sickest Buddhist.” If you’re a fan of comedy or just a fan of seeing Indian guys in embroidered cowboy shirts, the DVD is well worth checking out and even beyond being fun to say, the name Arj Barker should be one we’ll hear from more in the future.

Tim Needles

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