The Daily Shortlist February 17


Location: East Village, NYC
Event: Revealed Burlesque
Show time: 10 PM
Venue: UNDER St. Marks
Food: Oyama
Drink: Grassroots Tavern
Miscellaneous: Mud Cafe

Revealed Burlesque is MC’d by Bastard Keith and stars pin-up queen and Miss Coney Island 2010 GiGi La Femme alongside several of the best burlesque performers in New York and around the world including Clams Casino, Harvest Moon, Kobyashi Maru, Ms. Tickle, and in her Revealed debut, Miss Marlo Marquise. With sushi that’s 50 percent off all the time, you might think, “Something’s wrong with that?” but the fish is good and the rolls are inventive, making Oyama one of the best low-priced sushi joints in the city. Though St. Marks all of a sudden lost its charm, Grassroots Tavern hasn’t. This large dive bar has cheap drinks, darts in the back, and old men behind the bar, things a good dive bar should have. Excellent coffee served in a big mug and a healthy menu of food coupled with a year round enclosed outdoor backyard patio make Mud Cafe a great little coffee shop in the area.

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