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I’m starting this sex column on Valentine’s Day for an obvious reason. The heat of a dark encounter with a lusted-for loved one, a brief passing tickle with as-yet-to-be intimate or maybe a weekend stay-over with a concubine, whatever, whomever, however you’re bringing off your Valentine’s Day-even if you’re only bringing yourself, the suggestions below will begin what I hope will be a constant foray into the world of NYC’s sexual life. In my future columns to come I will be tackling specific events, product reviews, interviewing a few folks who work “in the industry,” and more. But I need you to jump aboard. Shoot me a question or comment about sex, tell me what you’d like to see covered (or uncovered), though I have years in writing about-and in-the adult business, this column is also about what you want to hear and read about, so I want to hear from you as much as I hope you might want to hear from me. This column will not run well without your input.

So let’s start it all with…ShortandsweetNYC’s Valentine’s Day 2010 Top 5. On V-day much of our time is taken up using our mouths…you might want to eat too. Might I suggest two places over the plethora you will encounter here.

The World Yacht offers a meal and trip round the Statue of Liberty, a once-in-a-lifetime journey for this most special of nights. Boarding at 6PM, sailing at 7 and back by 10 it really is a special treat. Prices are $125/person for the 14th, but their menu is pretty extensive and it is a four-hour sojourn. There is also August restaurant at 359 Bleecker Street (btw Charles & West 10th), an old-world hideaway, perfect for the romantic night. It’s a place critics have taken to calling “intimate, chic and tasty” and with entrée prices in the $25 dollar range, this is a different (drier) vibe then the Yacht to be sure. Both are tops as far as I’m concerned for your V-night meal.

Beyond getting stuffed (with food), how about getting out and about? If you’re sticking around or coming in again after the 14th weekend, you can attend The Curve Expo, designer lingerie and swim show at the Javits Center, Sunday the 21st through Tuesday the 23rd. These three days bring in the best of international and domestic brands in swimwear, spa/yoga clothes, bath and perfume products and most importantly, the latest in all-so sexy lingerie. You could also visit the hottest educational spot in the city, The Museum of Sex at 233 Fifth Avenue. The MOS has permanent exhibitions such as “Sex and the Moving Image” and a must-see display of sex paraphernalia and toys.

Of course, this particular holiday wouldn’t be the holiday without sweets. There’s plenty of places to grab an ice-cream or candy in this big bad city of ours, but for what could arguably be considered the best (and for Valentines’ Day we do want the best) check out Max Brenner ‘s at 841 Broadway (14th street, Union Square). Whether you’re looking for a Mexican hot chocolate for yourself or some bons to feed your significant other, you can’t do better then this famous chocolatier. The ‘bald man’ as Max B. is known, is soon to open a fourth location but this shop features a chocolate bar at it’s center and pralines, pastries and other goodies for your tasting delight.

The above is only a small list. I am sure you have some ideas of what you want to get into in this most intimate of evenings. Above all, be safe have fun and come Monday morning shoot me an email and tell me how it all went…and make sure not to leave out any details.

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