Revealed Burlesque @ UNDER St. Marks, 3/17/10


Girls, Girls, Girls!

It was an artic Wednesday night in New York City and many huddled in front of what seems like an abandoned basement where one requires going down a flight of creaky stairs to enter a wonderland of pinups in the flesh. Inside the dimly lit Under St. Mark’s Theater in Manhattan’s East Village, audiences strip themselves from wooly coats and scarves for Revealed, a monthly burlesque sextravaganza where some of the city’s top performers bare it all before the clock strikes twelve. Revealed is one of the few tantalizing theatrical acts in the city were you can see temptresses step on stage to unveil what’s really under their glittering corsets, making it happy hour and a half. On one evening you may see the mistress of curves Dirty Martini in a cat suit as she spreads for eager viewers, on another you’ll spot the raven haired Marlo Marquise, who resembles a devilish Disney princess, powdering her snow white skin. You’ll likely catch the strangely wonderful Kobayashi Maru making sci-fi addict dreams come alive, and pleasing audiences with his comedic wit is host Bastard Keith, who never fails to step on stage without his signature crisp suit and Jewmor. Doc Wasabassco, co-producer of Revealed, is always spotted with a topless lady or two by his side, yet no night at this sinfully seductive show is ever complete without his partner in crime, the gorgeous GiGi La Femme, bumping and grinding with glee. On the third Wednesday of every month, find out what girls with names like Ms. Tickle, Sizzle Dizzle, and Peekaboo Pointe are really like when their costumes go flying and they’re ready to play on stage. With Revealed, it’s no wonder skin is always in.

To learn more about Revealed and to attend a future performance click here.

Stephanie Nolasco

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