Want to know what to watch and why to watch it? founder Reg and his partner Ez set out to inform, entertain and titillate their visitors. With a blog version, reviews of content and a more-than-reasonable monthly membership fee, Reg has the skinny in up-to-the minute streaming adult video and what he calls “crass humor and relentless attitude.” Here I talk with this truly interesting NY entrepreneur.

So Reg, tell me what you do in the adult field, I know you run a few sites?

Our flagship is American Vice. We set out in 2005, hoping to create something different than the other porn download and VOD sites. Our lofty ambition was to make sense of what we perceived to be a very confusing product.

Can you explain VOD (video on demand) as it relates to the Internet?

Within the last 10 years, Video On Demand became feasible over the Internet, and porn was on the cutting edge of that movement. Recently, exciting improvements in Flash Media Server now allow the transmission of Broadcast quality video using H.264 compression.

In speaking to quite a few people in the adult business, from talent to content providers to website owners, they all have a different perspective on where ‘the business’ is right now. What’s your take on it all at this moment?

The adult industry ate itself. By removing all storyline and showing only the sex, the movies actually lost their context. While this made porn less expensive to produce and facilitated recycling material, it also cheapened the overall value of the product to becoming purely sex acts. What we try to do at American Vice is, we review all this seemingly generic content and give it context and relevance. As my favorite singer once said at MSG, “does anybody remember laughter?” (Reg is referring to Robert Plant who was in a little band called Led Zeppelin)

Living in NYC how do you feel that helps…or hinders what you do in the adult business?

I grew up in New Jersey and took school field trips through the Lincoln Tunnel as a kid 30 years ago; clearly a lot has changed in NYC since then! I would say that NYC typifies how people’s attitudes towards sex haven’t really changed that much, but instead have been funneled into other acceptable modern outlets in a supposedly more progressive society.

Give us a little insight on what’s in the immediate horizon for you and your companies?

We’ve launched our mobile site, which seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not long from now, for less than $20 per month, any number of websites will be offering over 10,000 DVDs in an on-demand fashion, we believe being able to provide trustworthy information about that much content is just as important as access to the content itself.

See, there’s guys like Reg out there fighting the good fight for all you connoisseurs. It’s good we have Reg and American Vice around looking out for our hard earned dollars.

For more info check them out at

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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