Yonka the Luxury Skincare Regimen for Men


The French have been authorities on skincare for many years. They proscribe to skincare so much, it is common practice to start getting facials at the age 13. Yonka Paris is an aromotherapeuty line created by physio-botanist Charles Muhlethater. Yonka uses 130 different botanicals in their manufacturing of their products. The line is better known globally in day spas and in addition has a men’s line fittingly titled The Men’s Range. We reviewed every product in the line for one month among a small population of men. Five botanicals are the primary ingredients in the Men’s Range: lavender, geranium, rosemary, thyme, and cypress. Men’s skin requires just as much care, if not more, as women’s skin as it oilier and thicker due to daily shaving; not to mention the harsh environmental effects.

The Men’s Range is a three step process to purify, restore and rejuvenate the complexion. You purify with the foam gel cleanser which has licorice, copper, and iris elements. The cleanser is non-drying and very little is required to wash the face. The Barber Cream is a thick shave cream with allanton, almond, and aloe vera. This was not our most favorite product as the thickness of the cream created drag with a manual razor and was hard to work on a tough stubble. The Bamboo Scrub is a weekly refiner that tightens the pores and exfoliates the skin gently. It is comprised of silica, jojoba, copper and iris. The purification step is complete with the Three Clay Mask, which acts as a brightener for the complexion. Clay masks also act like magnets drawing out impurities in the pores. The restorative phase has one product called Lotion K. It is a fine mist spray toner of citrus oils. The cooling properties turns down the heat on angry, post shave skin. Lastly, skin is rejuvenated with two simple products. Bonne Mine is a tremendously subtle self tanner. The gel cream is colorless and slightly darkens the complexion. Calling it a “tanning product” seems intense. When my friends used it, it looked like they had been out in the sun for just an afternoon.

The Eye Gel is made with arnica, cypress, chamomile, and peppermint. The eye gel targets puffiness and dark circles. It didn’t do much for fine lines or providing moisture. The instructions indicated that it can also double as a cleansing mask. The Men’s Range by Yonka Paris is an exceptional skincare line. Nonetheless, it does require an investment beyond your drug store shave cream and Gillette moisturizer. This line is fitted for more seasoned, serious skincare users; it is what you graduate to after your twenties. For me, Yonka is like the luxury car you, at last, purchase after years of driving standard cars.


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