Zytrel XP Hand Sanitizer

There is a new product that just came out that put’s all the hand sanitizers to shame. It’s called Zytrel. It kills germs for up to four hours after you apply it as opposed to the other brands that only kill the germs on your hands immediately and stops working after that. Not only does Zyrtel leave an invisible glove of protection on your hands, it moisturizes them at the same time. A double pleasure! Germs are everywhere. But now germs have met their match in Zytrel XP. Within the first 15 seconds, Zytrel goes to work killing 99.99% of germs on contact. Then it continues to help kill germs for up to 4 hours, without inhibiting natural flora (good bacteria).

Zytrel XP is the most remarkable product to be introduced to the market. It’s going to revolutionize the hand sanitizing business. It not only keeps you protected for up to four hours but moisturizes as well. No more dried out hands from alcohol based products. It’s very cost effective and safe for children too.

Meryl Hartstein

Meryl Hartstein runs Re-Vamp Cosmetic and Image Counseling. For more info see her website Re-Vamp Counseling

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