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Stila has some new best sellers that continue on a theme found in many of its products: sparkle and shine. This time Stila infuses some geology into the scene, see: diamonds and gems. Stila is also supporting consumers in a race against the clock with One Step Makeup, designed to incorporate three separate products into one. Results are promising…

Black Diamond Mascara

>Much like the black diamonds found on ski trails, Stila’s Black Diamond Mascara is intense. However, although the notion that this product is allegedly comprised of real crushed diamonds, and thus seemingly more for-the-pros than for those of us used to the bunny trail, neophyte stila-ers need not hesitate. Overall, this mascara is easy to apply, prone to somewhat typical clumping, but worthwhile, as it lasts throughout the night without flaking and is available in black with silver or blue “shimmer.” That, and these are likely to be the most affordable diamonds one may adorn at $24.00 per unit!

Jewel Lip Glaze Trio

Of all the products in this feature of Stila offerings, the Jewel Lip Glaze Trio proved most disappointing. Although I am a big fan of the twist-it-up lip product packaging, there is little saving grace for these over-the-top glosses. The word, “glaze” implies a more subtle shine, but these gem-infused formulas are far from subdued. Perhaps with an appropriate occasion (think: beauty pageant), these “glazes” could be recommended, but otherwise the “gem complex” is overwhelming and are apt to cause widespread sprinkling of glitter in parts of the face where glitter should not go.

One Step Makeup

Looking for a product designed to streamline your morning routine and expedite your time spent in front of the mirror? Please join me in welcoming Stila’s One Step Makeup, a product that combines primer, foundation, conclear and powder in one 30ml cylinder. When put to the test, One Step Makeup passed with flying colors – application was easy, results make skin appear smooth and clear, and the look lasted throughout a very long day. Best yet, the product comes in a wide variety of shades, so those who mix-and-match when it comes to primer, foundation, conclear and powder in your current routines, this product will guarantee consistency in shading that should result in a flawless finish.

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