THE SEX FILES: Catching Up

Ok, so no interviews this week, nobody wanted to talk to me, (wah wah wah) and there really are no new movies or plays of a sexy nature to recommend (you get my age you just don’t get out all that much). There’s a ton of sexy sites out there (seems there’s like ten new ones popping up weekly) and I do want to devote a future column or two to reviewing where to click your mouse for some sexy fun, but for now I was thinking maybe this week the thing to do would be to catch up a bit, see what’s been happening in the almost two months or so this column has been running and maybe address a few points of columns past.

I actually got some mail on my very first entry, my Valentine’s Day Top 5 (remember that one?). In that column I addressed some places to go with your significant other, and one of those was Max Brenner’s chocolate store. In my inbox I found this email from V.G. from NJ: “That was a nice article Ralphie! May I suggest Teuscher for chocolates also?” Well, yes you may VG. There are two stores of this famous Swiss chocolatier at 25 East 61st Street, and 620 5th Ave, and it’s as up to snuff as ol’ Max B’s place. But being your ever-intrepid reporter I thought why not give you one more, this time in Brooklyn. At 66 Water Street you’ll find a little of old Europe at Jacques Torres Chocolate. They make the creamy good stuff right there and you can see the working factory beyond a glass wall when you visit.

In the world of sex here are some things worth noting. Did you know that Ricky Martin is gay? The singer confirmed the rumor on his website last week…who would have thunk it? Scientists at the University of Nancy in France found recently that truffles can be of either gender, not asexual as commonly thought. And staying with the ‘we-don’t-want-you-to-use-our-airspace’ French, the 19th century home of French prostitute, Marquise de la Paiva, (also known as La Grande Horizontale) has been restored.

Last but not least I’m going to recommend some music. Not exactly sexual, but sensual definitely and pretty damn interesting, Pearl’s Little Immaculate White Fox is the band fronted by Meatloaf’s daughter Pearl Aday and her partner, non other then Anthrax’s Scott Ian. If you want a fix of an updated Janis Joplin with some truly sultry sex attack added (see, I’d sneak the sex back in somewhere) this 11-song gem might just be for you.

If you feel I haven’t caught you up enough this week or you have some suggestions, complaints, gifts ideas, questions or whatever you like-feel free to drop me a note at shortandsweetsex@gmail.com

Looking for tidbits, check: www.world-sex-news.com
When in Brooklyn and need chocolate: www.mrchocolate.com/
When in France and need a place to crash: www.parisdeuxieme.com/2007/05/hotel-de-paiva-champs-elyses.html
And listen in at: www.myspace.com/pearl

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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