THE TOP 5: Decadent Desserts in NYC


Try the addictive seasonal soft-serve flavors and Pizzelle at Momofuku Milk Bar. Photo credit: Kathy Chan

Whether you are craving a decadent desert or just something sweet to sip on, these sweet locales in the city have more than your taste buds could have bargained for…

1. Clinton Street Baking Company
This tiny Lower East Side hot spot is best known for its delectable pancakes. If you are a fan of hot cakes you must try their version with chocolate chips, and the maple butter syrup is like no syrup you have ever tasted. These 3-stack cakes of heaven can get a bit rich, so don’t be afraid to share with a friend.


2. Amy’s Bread
This trendy bread shop located in 3 areas of the city boasts the tastiest fresh bread ever. The French bread is classic and to die for and the location in Chelsea market allows you to see the entire bread making process via its see through walls.


3. Cafe Lalo
This self-proclaimed “cafe Europeans would love to have in Europe” is a small quaint coffee shop of a restaurant best known for its appearance in the 90s chick flick You’ve Got Mail. In addition to the lovely breakfasts and desserts on the menu, they make awesome cappuccinos.


4. Milk Bar
Some of the most unique desserts you’ve ever heard of are born here, but would you expect anything less from Momofuku? Most notable palette pleasers are the Crack Pie and the Cereal Milk. This trendy crowd-pleaser is so popular that a cookbook release is anticipated within the next few months.


5. Elenis
Definitely not tastier than Crumbs or Magnolia, however these are some of the loveliest cupcakes you have ever seen, and their Red Velvet cupcake is by far the richest and best of them all. Even more ornate are their cookies, decorated for the holiday/occasion of your choice, from Obama to the Statue of Liberty.


Kate Hollinger

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