BEATALLICA: Masterful Mystery Tour


Masterful Mystery Tour
(The Oglio Entertainment Group, Inc.)

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Are you a fan of The Beatles? Do you enjoy Metallica as well? Ever wonder what it would sound like to combine the two? If your answer is “yes” then wonder no more. Enter: Beatallica! A perfect blend of both bands. Comprised of members Jaymz Lennfield, Ringo Larz, Kliff McBurtney and Greg Hammetson, Beatallica takes well known Beatles classics and works them into a heavier offering in the style of Metallica. They don’t just add distortion, as each song also incorporates elements of Metallica’s music/lyrics such as “The Battery of Jaymz and Yoko” which starts out similar to the thrash legend’s classic “Battery” but then explodes into the Fab Four’s “Ballad of John and Yoko,” albeit with more attitude.

Although Beatallica is ultimately a parody band they come equipped with some top-notch musicianship. During the more complicated Metallica-inspired sections it’s quite obvious these guys can play but it’s the way they mash up the songs that makes them so much fun to listen to. Song titles like “The Thing That Should Not Let It Be” and “Everybody’s Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning” give you an idea of what to expect but other songs like “I Want To Choke Your Band” give the guys more room to play around with the lyrics in a funny way. And singer Jaymz Lennfield sounds more like James Hetfield than Hetfield himself does these days. Beatallica is definitely worth checking out. Even Metallica loves this band enough not to sue them.

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