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A number of hip-hop stars have stepped onscreen in films over the years and two of the best of them are Queen Latifa and Common, but unfortunately someone thought it might be a good idea to team them up in a romance and the doomed lovechild is the new film Just Wright. The film follows Leslie Wright (Queen Latifa) a physical therapist and Nets fan from New Jersey and her childhood hottie friend, Morgan (Paula Patton) who are both down and out but who have eyes for NBA star Scott McKnight (Common) aka Jason Kidd for very different reasons. After a chance meeting at a gas station (could never happen) Latifa’s character gets an invite to the NBA star’s birthday party (could never happen) and she gets pushed aside by her hottie friend (would definitely happen) who lays hooks into the star planning her trophy wife wedding.

The story commences as does every other impossible romance novel chick flick but this one gets into strange territory when Latifa and Common get physical which feels like Princess Leah and Luke Skywalker kissing in Empire Strikes Back. Either way the audience laughs and covers their eyes. At best this is a film that might be good for a flight from NY to LA because you wouldn’t feel guilty falling asleep, (I still think I might opt for a dubbed version of Horton Hears A Who! instead) but the real trouble with the film is why did someone choose to make it?

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Tim Needles is an artist, photographer, humorist, and writer from Long Island, NY. His writing and art work has been seen in multiple exhibitions and publications around New York as well as the Photographer’s Forum, French Photo, the New York Times, and LI Pulse magazine. He is also an educator and currently teaches art and film at Smithtown, NY and as an Education Leader for Adobe. He was recently the recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Award in Washington DC and serves as the director of Strictly Students, a non-for-profit group for media and education. His work can be seen on his website:


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