Freelance Whales: Weathervanes


Freelance Whales
(Frenchkiss/Mom & Pop Records)

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Freelance Whales grace the air with Weathervanes, their debut LP. The album is a mishmash of whatever instruments (or random objects) are needed to create interesting, textural sounds. The music is soft and aesthetically pleasing. There are various layers to every song that are easy to peel apart to see where all the different aspects are coming from. The music is original yet blends in with the scene of rising indie rock today. “Generator ^ Second Floor” is a poppy song that has bright tones with melodious vocals and mysterious lyrics. Again, the song is multi-layered and while everything blends you can pick out each individual element that creates a harmony of sound. I usually try to place a setting where an album is nice to listen to like while reading, beach tunes, driving etc. Weathervanes was one I could not place, it is something that is just darn good to listen to. Picking apart the pieces of the songs is fun and sweet harmonies lull you into the music.

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