GDP: Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations
(Division East/Say-10)

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The underground hip-hop scene prevails in West Orange/New Brunswick, New Jersey (I promise I said that with a straight face). GDP is a twenty-something-year old white rapper who is reminiscent of Eminem…but undeniably with a lot less swag. Realistic Expectations is hip hop meets indie-rock but slathered with a lot of youthful chatter. The content runs the same game we’ve heard before: sleeping with young wayward girls, getting smashed, smoking weed, ingesting illegal substances, yaddah-yaddah-yaddah. But I have to admit, the production fits the album; it isn’t over the top (not even near it), it’s simple, it flows mostly and in some cases rings solid especially on “She Said” and “Gonzo Journalism.”

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