Hunter Valentine: Lessons from the Late Night


Hunter Valentine
Lessons from the Late Night
(Tommy Boy)

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There is nothing tender about Hunter Valentine’s Lessons from the Late Night. Three chicks rocking this world one basesine at a time. An all girls rock band that is funky and fresh finally hits the music scene. I think when most people think all girl band they picture, dare I say, Josie and the Pussycats. Hunter Valentine is going to make you have flashes of The Runaways and The Sounds, none of that soft stuff. They scream, shout, kick and fight their way through the album. There is no mellow place to rest your head, the hard beat lasts the whole way through. The album is fighting and biting and some of the songs sound like they are pouting. There are points where it sounds like raw talent is breaking free but it is ambushed by many redundant lyrics that can squeak in the wrong tone. The album was a sugar-coated bitter pill. The first few times of listening are intriguing but after a while it sounds like a broken record loop.

Miranda Dillworth

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