Metric @ Terminal 5, 5/16/10


Canadian rock trio Metric rocked Terminal 5 this past Sunday May 16th in a way I’ve never seen them rock before. Having already been to two of their shows, I knew to expect blonde ball of energy/lead singer Emily Haines jumping around to her synthesizer next to mellow and talented guitarist James Shaw. I didn’t realize that they would be more rock and roll than ever – for them, that is.

After four albums and a brief hiatus several years ago, it was hard to anticipate exactly what they’d grace our ears with. A majority of songs were played from their most recent album “Fantasies” which overall displayed an edgier sound, but a good deal of their classics came out to play as well.

Some of the best new songs on their set list included “Gold Guns Girls” which had an amazing extended guitar riff at the end; “Sick Muse,” “Collect Call,” and “Stadium Love,” her unofficial ode to the crowd. On “Collect Call” the whole crowd swayed along to Haines’ sweet words: “Wishing you could keep me closer / I’m a lazy dancer / when you move I move with you / if somebody’s got soul / you gotta make the move.”

The older hits that the hipsters and teens alike bopped around to included “Dead Disco,” one of their best synthesizer songs highlighted by an intense light show towards the end, “Monster Hospital,” and an slower-tempo-ed, acoustic version of “Combat Baby.”

Although the space in Terminal 5 is not ideal — it boasts three levels of limited balcony views and “all access pass” seating. The blue flashing lights and high strung yet somehow chill band and crowd made it a pleasant experience for the unpleasant time of the week known as Sunday night.

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