Refresh Your Complexion with Jolie MD


My esthetician offers chemical peels alongside facial services. In the past, I’ve been turned off by the idea of applying acids to my face and the post treatment, raw skin look. However, since I was artificially tanning through the winter months, I wanted to repair and refresh my complexion for spring with a less severe alternative to a chemical peel. I came across the new upscale, at home skincare system by Jolie MD. The two step system was created by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman to reduce redness, brighten complexion, repair discoloration and hyper pigmentation. While the line is suitable for all skin types, ideally it is for ethnic skin. The eight week Metamorphosis system ($96 for the kit) offers a less harsh, less expensive and private option to clinical procedures. The first step is the Metamorphosis Softening Serum, which is an opaque serum that stings on application. The discomfort remained during the eight week trial, but tapered over time. The serum is full of acids, which I presumed caused the tingling sensation, and works to exfoliate the skin. Approximately five minutes later, I applied the Metamorphosis Enlightening Lotion, which acted as a super hydrating moisturizer. After the eight weeks, I noticed my skin was more radiant and any visible damage from artificial tanning vanished. I wasn’t fond of the serum’s “sting factor,” especially on a nightly basis. I would recommend the Jolie MD skincare line to people with pigment stains or discoloration. The two advantages for this clinically-based line is the nominal cost (relative to an office visit) and you don’t need a prescription to use it.

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