Sandman Viper Command: Everybody See This

Sandman Viper Command
Everybody See This

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Sandman Viper Command is a fresh, new band with the potential to connect with young faces that eat music three meals a day. The band members have an average age of 21, but by listening to their album Everybody See This you would never guess. They draw in sounds that could impress many critics and have elements of bands many decades old. Here is a band that is relatable for anyone who had (or is having) their phase of teenage angst. “Strawberry Quick” is the first single off the album and should be expected to be bleeding from bedroom walls everywhere. They sing of everything from scrapes, turned to scabs, picked to scars and burns from the fires of souls. Though they are young, these unusually handsome guys know what they are talking about. “The Metal I’ve Spent” has a meld of aggravation and frustration that makes it entirely relatable for anyone who has had a bad day to a bad relationship. This album should be a quick and easy hit from its sheer ability to relate to the masses. The band has an active Myspace page that promises a year jam-packed with tour dates. I personally am very excited to see how many times New York’s roaring crowds can bring them back.

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