Seasick Steve: Man from Another Time


Seasick Steve
Man from Another Time

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For anyone who has harbored a secret desire to shout out a request for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird” at any live performance, rest assured that there is newer Southern rock that deserves attention. Armed with a band consisting of unusual instruments like a three-stringed guitar and a wooden box, Seasick Steve delivers Man from Another Time, a record for smiling at the blues and raising a toast to the good old days. Don’t be fooled by his straightforward name; Seasick Steve crosses the wires of country and rock, easily able to hold his own against acts like ZZ Top and George Thorogood.

Not everyone can relate to the rural experience that Steve often draws upon. However, his passion for his music (as demonstrated in “Diddley Bo,” the name of his signature guitar, and “The Banjo Song”) and his experience as a common worker (such as in “Happy (To Have a Job)”) are much easier to side with than pop songs about the trials and tribulations of celebrity. The power of Seasick Steve’s music is its simplicity, each part working together to create a song frail enough to be captured on a gramophone. His brand of folk is that which could be handed down through generations, lyrics improvised around a campfire or performed in front of massive crowds. If any old dog ever doubts the point in trying a new trick, Seasick Steve’s relatively recent arrival in the spotlight is an indication that talent can bide its time and embrace its dusty, denim roots.

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