Sharam Jey: In My Blood


Sharam Jey
In My Blood
(King Kong)

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Blame it on the spring air, but I’ve been in a manic-state of 80s electro and disco-house! Having said that, German electro DJ and producer Sharam Jey blends my energy into a seamless ball of electro-pop-disco-house-new-wave sounds with his latest, In My Blood.

From the disco-infused “Army of Men” featuring Swedish singer Cornelia, who states, “I’d like to give you head” to the three tracks that feature Nik Valentino (of experimental-indie rock fame Lost Valentinos), one can’t help but feel as if In My Blood is a bit of a throwback to Studio 54 (check the “Army of Men” video here). I’d say the album is sassy and fun; alternating between dance tracks and experimental sounds, flirty even.

Nonetheless, some of the other featured artists are rapper/producer Princess Superstar (“Monday Morning”) and DJ/remixer Tommie Sunshine on “The Things.”

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