SIA and Girl in a Coma @ Terminal 5, 5/6/10


The heavily tattooed Tejanas from Texas have come a long way from skipping class and bonding over Nirvana. On the evening of Thursday, May 6th, the trio behind all-girl punk group Girl in a Coma (GIAC) took on the brave task of opening up for Aussie pop sensation Sia in front of a sold-out crowd at Manhattan’s Terminal 5. Despite a sea of anxious New Yorkers lighting up the venue with their cell phone cameras in hopes of capturing the pixie haired headliner, Nina Diaz (singer/guitarist), Phanie (sister and drummer), as well as Jenn Alva (bassist) took to the stage and proved why they were hand picked by rock legend Joan Jett to be on her Blackheart Records label.

Nina easily stood out from the crowd, even when she mumbled her name on a mic and tightly held on to her gray guitar slung low. Her long dark locks cascaded down her face, revealing a crimson pout. Sporting a t-shirt and jeans, Nina carelessly plucked away and howled, transforming from a high school misfit to a woman in pain over losing a lover. Her vocals, reminiscent of late country crooner Patsy Cline are heartbreaking, but wonderfully inviting, causing even the most impatient attendee to whistle along.

Just like in their latest release Trio B.C., Nina’s husky vocals don’t overpower her fellow band mates. Phanie tirelessly pounded on beat after beat without noticing that all eyes were set on her…or was it her choppy orange hair? Nevertheless, she showed off unquestionable talent. Jenn, who spent the most time interacting with patrons, provided her own urgent, wild cries that complimented their many infectious hits.

Most of their set list can be found on Trio B.C., such as the rockabilly doo-wop “In The Day,” bad girl anthem “Pleasure and Pain,” and even their romantic lullaby “El Monte.” However, audiences were in for a major treat as GIAC played “Si Una Vez,” from their current Adventures in Coverland. The rocking ladies gave a spine tingling performance that kept everyone cheering for more. It’s a fitting tribute for the late queen of Tejano music Selena that no one else can compete with. By the end of their set, it was certain that these girls know how to make some noise and we’re more than happy to listen.

Photo credit: Christopher Rosco

And let’s not forget Sia, who wowed her countless fans with her candy cane-shredded couture, flashing unicorn horn, and previews from her upcoming album We Are Born.

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