The Morgues: Thought He’d Never Leave


The Morgues
Thought He’d Never Leave
(Ashley’s Dollar Store)

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The Morgues are unusual going by the music listening of today. Thought He’d Never Leave is something I would never expect to hear on the radio, but then again the radio doesn’t deserve it. The band is notorious for releasing EPs which don’t do justice to the music they can play. This particular album is too darn short. I wish I had more to listen to and enjoy. By the time I’m getting into the rhythm of the music it’s all over, and that all happens in about eight and a half minutes. From what I did get to grab, the melodies are lulling and smooth with delicate instruments backing up casual vocals. The music does not rush you, so while it is short, it encourages you to stay in the moment as much as possible. “Geez Louise (Get Yourself A Room)” is the soundtrack for a lazy, hot day. There is no reason to do anything quickly here. My suggestion is to gather The Morgues’ EPs together so you can have a decent amount of time with them.

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