So let me tell you how we roll here at shortandsweetnyc.

We just linked up with digitalplayground.com for a set of interviews and product reviews for the summer. I just know that what I’ll be featuring here in THE SEX FILES within the next two months will titillate and interest you all, whether you’re a connoisseur of naughty movies or just a passing fan. Interspersed with the DP stuff, I’ll continue to bring you reports from far a field: movie and theater reviews as they relate to sex, site roundups, whatever else is related to this wacky wonderful world of sex and our great big bad naughty city of ours.

So given the above I began to think about porn today (purely for research purposes) and I thought I’d expound if you don’t mind.

As must be apparent to anyone (even those not as well informed as my readers here) porn is available to anyone, at any time, in a multitude of formats and content. As most workers in the adult movie industry bemoan the advent of streaming video, getting pics and movies on line for free cannot be stopped. In fact, there is a growing philosophy that no content should ever cost. Not a good ‘tude if one wants to make one’s living at something and people are stealing your product, but a growing philosophy about the free exchange of ideas. I simply can’t get my mind around it though.

I believe with anything, the creator of the thing has the right to do what he or she wants with that thing. If one wishes to record symphony orchestras and put the content on line for free, then that is one’s business. If one makes girls smoking fetish videos and wants to charge a dollar a pop to view them, then so be it. It is up to the creator of the material to determine how-or even if-they want to make that material available to the masses. No one else has the right to do with your content what you do not wish done.

This is what happened to porn-and the record business-and both have suffered for it. Suddenly music was being downloaded illegally and there was (and still is) tons of video on-line (pirated movies anyone?). The number one question on porn content provider’s minds is how to stop their content from being taken out from under them, how to ‘monetize’-a word I hear all the time in relation to Internet marketing-content that is being so readily stolen. All businesses coddle this worry of course, it’s just that very few businesses (again other than porn and the music business) have this much content resold, pirated or simply ‘put up’ for free. And because porn is the business it is, none too many people are all that comfortable coming to the defense of a hard working porn star trying to produce her own movies or a toy site trying to push product in a world where there is just so many imitators.

Believe me, I am going to get into it all with the girls I interview from Digital Playground, but mostly we’re gonna have fun, all of us, as I learn a little more than from what you can too easily download.

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