The Unthanks: Here’s the Tender Coming


The Unthanks
Here’s the Tender Coming
(Rough Trade)

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The Unthanks are as original here as their name. The United Kingdom band brings Here’s the Tender Coming, plowing full speed into the music world. The band was called Rachel Unthank and the Winterset until 2009. Now Rachel Unthank is continuing with work with her sister Becky and band members Niopha Keegan, Adrian McNally, and Chris Price to create the music that captured people thus far. For folk music lovers this album is a given hit. It has classic sounds that are rare on the 2010 music scene. Instrumental aspects are kept very light, but by doing this the amazing voices the band members have shine through. The music is simple and elegant, there isn’t any “fluff” to cover the pure talent that comes from a group with a natural glow. For anyone that is not a fan of folk or is just not familiar with it, Here’s the Tender Coming will be a bit of a shock. It is very different from much music out today and it is important to listen with an open mind.


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