Titus Andronicus: The Monitor

Titus Andronicus
The Monitor
(XL Recordings)

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Do you remember (or maybe you still are in) that period in your early twenties when every seedy bar was cool? The smell of malt liquor and the feel of a basement band’s bass guitar in your stomach felt like fresh air. Titus Andronicus are the type of band and The Monitor is the type of album that can bring that feeling rushing back.

“…And Ever” is a racing song that almost violently moves towards where it is going. There’s even a harmonica to further the point. You can almost hear the wooden floors creaking as people dance to the track. The stunner on the album is “A More Perfect Union,” which has recently gotten its fair share of blog love. The track feels like a raging Piebald song. The song’s raspy tone proclaims “baby, we were born to die.” As a result, the track feels like it’s on fire. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Every track on the album feels alive. “Theme From “Cheers”” even feels like a good old fashion punk song. Quick, someone pass a beer over!

While it’s a bit early to see if Rolling Stone was right in calling this band one of the Top Ten to watch, there’s certainly a reason for that claim; the reason is The Monitor.

Tania Katherine

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