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It’s no surprise why mineral powders seem to be the wave of the future for makeup, with sheer, light feeling, and true-to-color pigments. Mineral powders strip away the harsh chemicals found in traditional makeup. By following this process, you reduce the risk of allergic reactions, while using substances that offer natural UV protection, with a less likely chance of pore clogging. These natural powders feel soft on the face while providing reasonable coverage and a fresh-faced look. Alima Pure is a Portland-based cosmetics company that boasts its use of organic sources and cruelty-free practices in its products. Alima Pure also supports environmental organizations with a percentage of its profits directed to charity. One of the aspects of this company I was most excited about was the opportunity to recycle Alima’s makeup jars for free eye shadow. The feel and luminescence of Alima Pure’s powders were amazing! My skin felt sheer and smooth even with full makeup on. I was eager to try their balancing powder after I heard such promise about these powders can do to create the appearance of even skin tone. Alima has four color balancing powders to choose from: a light green powder to calm redness, a butter yellow powder to provide warmth to the skin, a lavender powder to balance a yellow tone, and a deep pink powder to warm and brighten the complexion. While the powders felt airy and silken on my skin, they didn’t make an obvious difference in the overall appearance of my skin tone. On the whole, Alima Pure’s product line feels great and looks great; with a smooth texture and is true to color.

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