The Daily Shortlist June 21


Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Band: Medeski Martin & Wood
Show time: 7-9 PM
Venue: The Stone
Food: Pukk
Drink: The Magician
Miscellaneous: Mason Dixon

Experiemntal jazz band Medeski Martin & Wood not only perform here but talk about their music at this performance/workshop open to anyone interested in how these guys have been so creative in their 18 year career together. Pukk serves up some delicious vegetarian Thai food. With a futuristic design, plastic and green tint everywhere, the menu offers everything from Pad Thai to Spicy Watercress Duck, only the duck, like all meat here, is made of vegetarian soy. A chill bar to go for a drink and not be bothered with loud, annoying drunks is The Magician. This place, which has no visible name, is across the street from Welcome to the Johnsons. With a southern theme, the draw at Mason Dixon is being one of only two bars in NYC with a mechanical bull. For $10 you can ride it. Expect to be thrown off in 5 seconds, if you can stay on that long!

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