The Electric Mess: The Electric Mess


The Electric Mess
The Electric Mess
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Do you want to be transported back to the groovy 60’s era? The dynamic and funkadelic band The Electric Mess has the ability to transport you back in time. Their new self-titled album is a sound that is unheard of these days. With an “Austin Powers” psychedelic innuendo there is no way not to be interested in these guys. Giving the album a chance has possible side effects of dancing, doing the twist or having random impulses to go surfing. The band has the style of Brit Rockers, bringing the fashion back. The album is a full-bodied sound that explodes upon impact. Instrumentals are powerful and something of a different generation. There are sounds that belong to instruments that are hard to identify but are very dimensional for the time period. The band is led by lead singer Chip Fontaine, whose name is set up for fame. The songs are funky with lyrics like “I looked around for a pair of pants, but all I found were some crumbs and ants.” There is absolutely nothing normal here and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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