The Vicious Guns: The Vicious Guns EP

The Vicious Guns
The Vicious Guns EP
(Elektrik Records)

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Looking for sexy, riveting and luxurious music? All of that can be satisfied with recent music from The Vicious Guns. They are a band consisting of Jennie Vicious formerly of Tuuli and The Von Bondies and Richie Vicious formerly of The Scourge of the Sea. In their EP you get a slinky and raw taste of what their music can do. The tracks are full of echoing vocals with electric punk instrumentals. Music beats repeat at a faster and faster pace until the songs climax. The duo of voices is a great innuendo to the young, fresh sounds. “Friends Aren’t Friends” is a dynamic song about the mix of friends and lovers with a retro electro-rock vibe that makes it sound new and eclectic. The Vicious Guns is as far from commercial as it gets and there is nothing better than hearing something you have never heard before.

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