THEATRE REVIEW: Swallow at The Red Room


Swallow pokes fun at love, sort of. The production follows a pharmaceutical company who invents a “love drug” in pill form. Really, what if love did come in a pill?

Presented by Subjective Theatre Company, Swallow explores the effects of Amorex (aka “the love drug”) and its effects on ordinary human subjects. The panel of experts tests the varying stages of love on the main characters Adam and January (Jason Grimste and Scout Durwood, respectively).

Like many twenty-something’s, thirty-something’s (and a few forty-something’s), their relationship runs the course of meeting in a nightclub, onto a one-night stand, which morphs into “Oh, we’re in a relationship now?” and that’s where the problems begin.

However, with Amorex, each stage of a relationship (initial attraction, courtship, romance, etc.) can be dramatically reduced or wonderfully enhanced depending on the dosage. (That’s a fabulous idea…in theory). But of course, there are side effects to Amorex, too: over-excitement, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and pregnancy!

Nevertheless, Swallow is quite engaging and funny as well, even when it’s off-kilter with the constant scene changes and excess information. Nonetheless, it essentially makes us question our beliefs about what love is and how those thoughts are generally shaped by our family, friends, books, television, movies, and a hundred other things.

The production runs through Sunday, June 6th at The Red Room in the East Village. For more show info, please visit

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