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White Belt Yellow Tag

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Melancholy is something hard to elicit from a music listener and a quality I always look for in music. The chance to not only listen to a song but to get inside it, feel it. Befuddled and masked under synths and drum beats, most efforts to make music that makes you feel falls flat. White Belt Yellow Tag’s new album, Remains, is one of the few albums in the last few years that struck a discordant chord within my cold dead heart. Their lyrics, the lead singer’s falsetto, and the overall build up and eventual release of the choruses on every song, makes this album more than just music, it’s an experience.

By far, standout track “Where Echoes Land,” is my favorite. The song is the very dilemma people face everyday, whether to give in or to give up? Either choice is wrong, and both will truly kill you just in different ways, “You kill yourself/To sell your soul.” The song starts out slowly and eventually releases into a dizzying spiral of sadness and mistakes with the chorus breaking at the point where you begin to feel it. Another great track is the very contagiously remix-able, “Remains,” a great song that showcases the lead singer’s spot on falsetto breaking over the chorus.

White Belt Yellow Tag runs you through the gamut of sorrowful emotions at times melancholic, other times just plain depressing, but always sounding beautifully brilliant.

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