Avi Buffalo: Avi Buffalo


Avi Buffalo
Avi Buffalo
(Sub Pop Records)

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Most high school bands aspire to win the talent contest but the folksy, psychedelic, jazz inspired songs of the young Long Beach foursome Avi Buffalo garnered them a record deal with Sub Pop and for good reason.  Now in their late teens, the band’s self-titled ten song album mixes together a dose of teenage sexuality and a touch of blind confidence with a sound that’s something like a unique blend of modern bands like Built to Spill and The Shins with 70’s titans Steely Dan and the Grateful Dead (I like to think of them as the Steely-Shin Dead).

“What’s In It For” is the track that makes it to the playlist quickest with its catchy layered melody and off beat chorus hook that shows that the band is not to be underestimated musically.  The album ranges in sound and style a bit but other noteworthy songs include: “Truth Sets In” which introduces the bands sonic themes marvelously with its extended musical beginning and tight vocal followed with percussive claps and “Summer Cum” which is a pretty acoustic adventure only a teenager could’ve written.  Additionally, tracks like the memorable “Five Little Sluts” and the seven and a half minute opus “Remember Last Time” may help the group find a large band of spinning followers in VW’s.   In all, the album is a solid effort and a quality listen and it’s likely that at least a few of these tracks will find their way onto most hipster’s iPods before summer’s end.

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Tim Needles is an artist, photographer, humorist, and writer from Long Island, NY. His writing and art work has been seen in multiple exhibitions and publications around New York as well as the Photographer’s Forum, French Photo, the New York Times, and LI Pulse magazine. He is also an educator and currently teaches art and film at Smithtown, NY and as an Education Leader for Adobe. He was recently the recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Award in Washington DC and serves as the director of Strictly Students, a non-for-profit group for media and education. His work can be seen on his website: www.timneedles.com


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