Buckman Coe: Latest Waking

Buckman Coe
Latest Waking
(Buckman Coe)

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Pristine airy gusts of summer breezes and top down joyriding in a convertible headed toward the nearest ocean is the liberty and escape that Latest Waking, by Buckman Coe’s album gives quite liberally. Sun drenched melodies and acoustic guitar harmonies are the fine and free foundation of every tune as well as the beautiful sonic element that is Coe’s voice.  Soft, delicate and romantic, his sun kissed velvet vocals rise like hustling kites while Coe fleshes out sentiments such as love and mental and physical freedom.  Soft shuffles of drum and violins move soft like night trains.  The kindness and calm of Coe’s release takes note from the purist of 60s and 70s folk music where every acoustic strum is layered against a whole host of lyrics about the human condition for happiness and love, peace, respect and fairness.  The crisp and cleanest of sentiments feeling much like the world renowned global warmth of Peter, Paul and Mary and Simon and Garfunkel.  Sometimes Coe’s beautiful voice sounds close in nature to that of Jeff Buckley’s when he dares to let his falsetto take flight.  “Disappear Into Love,” begins with an acoustic blues rock jam tumble while he sings, “God made me a pacifist with such an itchy finger,” this lyric and most others showing off the range of conflict behind his liberality and complexity in a world so rigid.

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