Delta Spirit @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 7/1/10


A surprisingly young crowd greeted the old-soul tinged, rock band Delta Spirit at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this month. Indeed, as the band crescendoed into instant favorite “Bushwick Blues” a full-on dance pit formed before the stage and beer cups were held high. The dancing, swaying, smiles and sing-alongs continued to the night’s crashing close, and it was great to see such a strong, youthful following for a band with such classic influences.

Matthew Vasquez’ powerful voice and lyrics once again emerged as the driving forces behind the band’s second soulful album, History from Below (released June 2010), and at the band’s second consecutive live performance in NYC. Formed in 2005 in San Diego, CA, the band has the perfect structure of a classic American rock band, with heavy soul and folk influences enhanced by the use of unusual instruments (trash can lids) and guest appearances by friends toting French horns. They were not short of special friends and a tremendously layered, collaborative wall of sound on the night of this performance, and yet- managed to maintain a strong smattering of classic, pop hooks to please a crowd that clearly came to enjoy one another’s company as well as their time with the band.

Delta Spirit are one of the most truly special, heart-swelling rock acts you can catch, leading an experience definitely meant to be shared, and are at the helm of a renaissance of real American music. For more US tour dates, MP3s from the new album History from Below and music videos Click Here.

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