Elizabeth Grant The Socializer

Who hasn’t fought those dark circles and lines around the eyes? Even the fairest beauties have battled the ageless eye issue. British cosmetics company, Elizabeth Grant, created a two prong defense routine known as The Socializer ($40). The Socializer consists of two mess-free pen applicators; one for day and one for night with catchy names like Bright Lights and Late Nights. Bright Lights is intended for day use and applies as a pale pink cream to hydrate and cool the under eye. Late Nights is the second product and also applies as a cream. Both products contain ulva lactuca (fan algae that helps improve elasticity), matrixyl (increases collagen, reduces appearance of wrinkles) and chamomile to soothe the skin. The ointments come in pen-style containers with a push button that releases small amounts of product at a time. I wasn’t wild about the pen as it took quite a few clicks to release any cream. After two weeks of day and evening use, the results were not dramatic. Bright Lights certainly brightened and revived my under eye in the mornings. The Socializer is perfect for quick fixes, but not necessarily for preventative care. The price point is a bit steep for two basic eye creams, but they get the job done.

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