Florene: Homemade Extacy


Homemade Extacy

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Electronica can be an acquired taste, especially when there are no vocals so the listener can latch on and try to make out some sort of personal meaning. The connection is more of a primal link to beats, and Florene’s Homemade Extacy serves them up with a liberal dose of fuzz and pulse. Each song has its own soul, a certain pattern to drive an audience to a sweaty dance floor and then fall into a quiet lull for a gasp of breath before carrying on. There is no room for a break with this album, each song is filled with intense layers of noise that wind together so tightly that it’s pointless to try to extract them from one another when they are meant to be enjoyed as a unit. My only complaints about Homemade Extacy’s relentless sonic assault is that some tracks, such as “Invitation to Sailing,” stretch on too long and make you begin to crave a new beat or something fresh when you get used to the sound, and “Towelled Cial” ventures too far into the realm of noise rather than music for my taste. Overall, electronica fans will be pleased by the intoxicating tones of this record.

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