Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens


By Christopher Hitchens

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Christopher Hitchens gets under people’s skin. Christopher Hitchens is an expert on George Orwell and Jefferson. I once saw Christopher Hitchens debate the existence of God (he was against) with Al Sharpton and ‘flip the bird’ to Bill Maher’s uber liberal audience on “Real Time With Bill Maher.” Christopher Hitchens wrote what might be the very first best selling atheist title: God Is Not Great. Christopher Hitchens is a complicated guy, a good writer, a political polemic and he’s written a memoir, a sprawling, chock-full near 500-page book about his childhood, college years (there’s a lot of college stuff here, the guy went to English boarding school and the higher echelons of Cambridge and Oxford) and his further explorations of his political leanings that leaned sometimes far left, far right, and all the way back again.

C.H. once wrote a book called Letters to a Young Contrarian and this is how I viewed Hitchens before I read Hitch 22 and how I come to regard the man even more so now…one of our great contrarians. A guy who’s never satisfied, always searching, sometimes finding out his own stances are wrong as much as other times being bolstered in is beliefs by what he uncovers. Like any of us, he is a person living with and through his mass of frailties, contradictions and motivations he himself doesn’t always understand, but tries to reason through in this wonderfully thick memoir.

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